Managing value in concentrated liquidity pools is complex. LP tokenholders need a better experience across different rebalancers and compatible decentralised exchanges.

Cargo Protocol makes this possible by releasing tools and upgrades in a sustainable and predictable cadence.


Select a rebalancer to autonomously manage your Uniswap V3 LP tokens for you. Compare strategies, send, withdraw and re-distribute among different protocols. All from one place.

  • Enhanced portfolio management of LP tokens in Uni V3
  • Data analytics and important statistics in one place
  • Seamless integration with market-leading rebalancers
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Cargo Protocol manages LP tokens in concentrated liquidity pools to give a better experience across different rebalancers and compatible decentralised exchanges.

DAO transition

Cargo Labs is in service of a DAO that Cargo Protocol will become. The project is self-funded and key contributions come from the core team.

Once the DAO is running and the viability of tools are proven empirically, we will incept a transition to a DAO structure. There are multiple decisions that require community when it comes to DeFi. Some can be taken unilaterally in the early stages, but we believe that a DAO structure and the engagement of protocol stewards external to Cargo Labs would infinitely improve the protocol’s long term survivability and innovative streak.

Community decisions are important such as which chains to target for the next deployment, which are strategies fit for different profiles, as well as which rebalander protocols themselves should be allowed on the aggregator. All of these decisions should be decided by the community, rather than a group of individuals that stood at inception.

Shipping Manifest



Aggregator MVP

Smart contract integrated with Visor and frontend complete. Operational on Ethereum.



Aggregator Beta

Integration complete with all 8 currently active rebalancers. List and filter of different strategies.



DAO Transition

Stakeholders start to be more involved into the decisions related to running the protocol.